Otter Fence Project 2015



Roche Angling Club - Fish for the Future Project 

Roche Angling Club is currently undertaking work to secure the future of the angling at Treskilling Pit. The Club, which was formed in 1964, took ownership of the lake in 2009. The water is a haven for wildlife and fish. It is looked after by volunteer members of the club and is enjoyed by around 200 paying members each year. 

Why build a fence? 

The stock of fish in the lake is valuable to its members. Believe it or not fish are tricky to replace, so any losses have a significant impact the quality of our fishing. Fish can be lost through natural causes which the club has to accept. Fish can also be lost through predation. This area is a particular hotspot for mammalian predators, which unfortunately for the angling club, like to eat birds and their eggs and, fish and often very large fish. In a bid to protect the fish and other wildlife which is at risk from predation the club is putting in place a fence to protect them. 

What about access around the pond for walkers? 

Roche Angling Club is happy to leave open walk ways around the land it owns. This will be facilitated through gates that will close on springs. These should be easier to pass than the old stiles and will always swing closed after ensuring the perimeter is secure. The main gates will remain for vehicular access and these will continue to be locked with coded padlocks. 

Can I walk my dog here? 

Yes. You can walk your dog but we do ask that you keep your dog under close control. Please respect the anglers and the environment we have created. The angling club has invested time and money to create this haven. We welcome your enjoyment of this habitat it but please pick up after your dogs and refrain from throwing sticks, balls etc into the water. 

We have suffered vandalism 

In the last 12-months the club has suffered significant vandalism. The gates and padlocks have been smashed and glued.  This has cost the club significant money, it has used valuable police time and prevented some angling club members from being able to fish. The vandalism has also prevented members leaving the lake, an extremely serious issue when some members are local coastguards and firemen and need to respond immediately to emergencies. 

We hope you can enjoy the pond respectfully alongside the members.  If you would like to contact the club for more information then please email

Following otter predation here are a few pictures of the new otter-proof fence that is being erected around Large Treskilling. The work was started at the end of September 2015 and is expected to be completed in 4 - 6 weeks depending upon the weather. The contractor, Embryo Angling, will be on site for the duration, including weekends.