Members on joining must abide by these Rules and in particular with respect to any damage caused or suffered while fishing Club Waters or at any other Club Meeting.

Members agree to indemnify the Committee and Members against all claims for damage caused and that neither the Committee nor the Members nor Riparian Owners shall be held responsible for any damage suffered.

The Club will not be responsible for any accident or loss of property that may occur to any angler using the Clubs Waters.

Dogs are permitted on club waters but must be kept under control on a lead & out of the water.

Members have an obligation to report fish deaths to the Committee. To report a pollution incident or fish in distress please contact the EA on 0800 807060.

The National Angling Alliance Code of Conduct must be adopted by all members and applied on Club Waters.

Members are not permitted to alter swims or cut down trees without express consent from the committee.

Fish welfare is top priority and members will agree to rig and gear checks as required by members of the committee, please do not be offended.


  1. No Member shall catch fish by any other means than rod and line and all fish to be returned alive to the water.
  2. A maximum of three rods to be used. An EA Rod Licence covering all rods must be obtained before fishing Club Waters.
  3. All members must have a suitable unhooking mat with them when fishing Club waters.
  4. No unauthorised person shall take or introduce any freshwater fish to, from or between Club Waters. To do so will be reported to the EA and may give rise to a civil or criminal prosecution under Schedule 1 section 2 of the Theft Act.
  5. Members must upon request, produce evidence of Membership to any Club Member/Bailiff.
  6. All gates must be shut, locked and securely fastened after being opened.
  7. No swimming in Club Waters.
  8. That on no account will persons on Club waters be allowed to carry Firearms, air guns or weapons without Committee and landowner consent. Anyone failing to comply with this rule will be permanently dismissed from the Club.
  9. No boats of any kind (including bait boats) are permitted on Club Waters other than for organised work parties and emergency fish rescues. A committee member must be in attendance at all times when the boat is being used (or notified regarding a fish rescue).
  10. Any person fishing in an area containing litter shall be held responsible for the same.
  11. All hooks larger than a size 12 must be micro barbed.
  12. Treble hooks are prohibited for bait fishing.
  13. Fixed leads, fixed bolt rigs or snag leaders is prohibited.
  14. Peanuts are prohibited from use in Club Waters.
  15. Members must not leave any unattended tackle etc. in any swim for more than 60 minutes.
  16. All hook baits must be removed when not fishing to protect wildlife.
  17. No fishing from any area which is marked as Out of Bounds.
  18. The Club requires all members to show consideration for other lake users. No casting into areas that are likely to affect or interfere with other anglers. You may only fish from one swim at a time.
  19. The use of Boga Grips or any other fish grip devices (hand held or not) are prohibited on Roche AC waters.
  20. Trophies are awarded on the basis of the membership year. All Club trophies must be handed back to the Cups Custodian no later than 28 days prior to the AGM.
  21. All persons representing the Club in any competitions must be fully paid-up members.
  22. On competition days the relevant section of lake will be closed for the period 1 hour before the draw, for the duration of the competition.
  23. Carp / Tench under 2lb are only permitted to be retained in ‘carp friendly’ keep nets during club competitions. Carp / Tench over 2lb in weight must be returned, after weighing.
  24. Guest Members must be accompanied by a full member at all times and not be provided with gate codes and may only be on the lake during the period 1 hr before sunrise and 1 hr after sunset.
  25. The Guest Member may only fish with, or in adjacent swims to, a full member who is responsible for the Guest Member and will be held responsible for any infringement of Club Rules by the guest member.
  26. A Junior Member below the age of 14 years must be accompanied by a fee-paying Member over the age of 18 years when fishing Club Waters during daylight hours.
  27. No Junior under the age of 12 is entitled to fish at night on any Club water, but may accompany a full member, providing that he/she accepts, and confirms, responsibility in writing to the committee.
  28. Junior Members aged 12 – 14 may not fish Club Waters during the hours of darkness unless accompanied by their parent or guardian, who must also be a Member.
  29. Juniors over the age of 14 years may only fish Club Waters during the hours of darkness (one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise) subject to being accompanied by a Member (fishing together, or in an adjacent swim) over the age of 18 years and that a parent or guardian has given permission in writing to the Club allowing that Junior for whom they are responsible, to fish at night. ADDITIONAL RULES APPLICABLE TO CARP ANGLERS
  30. A minimum of a 36inch landing net must be used.
  31. A minimum of 12lb breaking strain main-line to be used.
  32. To protect fish welfare when fishing on the bottom, use of a minimum of 18 inches rig tubing or a leadcore / free leader material is mandatory.
  33. Barbed and barbless hooks are prohibited, hooks larger than size 12 must be micro barbed.
  34. Adjustable Zig Rigs are prohibited due to not being suitable in deep water and likely to cause fish tethering.
  35. A large size thick, preferably walled or cradle style unhooking mat is required at all times.
  36. Carp sacks are prohibited.
  37. The use of floating retaining slings is permitted.
  38. Carp are not be left unattended on the bank whilst in a hooking mat for any duration.
  39. Please be considerate using buzzers / alarms and keep volume tones to a minimum.
  40. Bait fishing for pike is prohibited on any club water between 1st April and 30th September (inclusive) unless at an official Pike open day.
  41. All pike anglers must carry minimum 36-inch landing net, floatation sling, unhooking mat, 12-inch adequate forceps, pliers, side cutters and antiseptic treatment at all times.
  42. Wire traces must be minimum 12-inches and the coated variety, not bare wire.
  43. Bait fishing is only permitted using one single barbless hook, trebles and stingers are prohibited. a. The only hooks permitted is circle hooks. Carp hooks, sea hooks, long shank hooks are prohibited.
  44. Braid is only permitted for spinning and lure fishing only. This must be 40lb breaking strain or over.
  45. Barbless hooks must always be used on all spinners / lures.
  46. Pike must be unhooked on a mat and the fish must be unhooked and returned to the water within the shortest time frame possible, the bench mark is 2-3 minutes.
  47. Pike handling is of upmost importance Pike are very fragile and delicate creatures, and despite their predatory looks and images, they require extra care and attention. Any angler who appears to be lacking the necessary knowledge and experience in fishing for and handling pike may be asked to stop fishing and an educational session will be provided.