Roche Angling Club has a thriving match section with approximately twelve members regularly taking part. Matches take place as a Sunday League and a separate Evening League. The Sunday Leagues starts in March and runs fortnightly through to December ending with the annual non-league Christmas match to end the year. The Evening League begins in June and runs through to the end of August. The match section has been superb in 2019 with some massive bags from Waldon Pond. Our resident match angler Andy Hadfield broke the club record with a massive bag of 91lb from a Sunday League match at Waldon.

The matches generally take place at Waldon Pond, Wheal Rashleigh, Leccy Pool and Bilberry. The match section is great way to get meet people in the club and is open to any club member that wishes to take place, both senior and junior members. Just remember, these boys take no prisoners and you have to be in it… to win it!

Best 14 from 17 matches count

Best 10 from 11 matches count

Best 7 from 8 matches count

Sunday8th JanuaryWaldonRashleigh08:0009:30-14:30
Sunday22nd JanuaryWaldonRashleigh08:0009:30-14:30
Sunday5th FebruaryWaldonRashleigh08:0009:30-14:30
Sunday19th FebruaryWaldonRashleigh08:0009:30-14:30
Sunday5th MarchWaldonRashleigh08:0009:30-14:30
Sunday19th MarchWaldonRashleigh08:0009:30-14:30
Summer League202314 from 17 to count
Sunday2nd AprilWaldon08:000900-1500ECLP
Sunday23rd AprilRashleigh08:000900-1500Feeder only
Sunday7th MayWaldon08:000900-1500Feeder only
Sunday21st MayBilbery08:000900-1500
Sunday4th JuneRashleigh08:000900-1500
Sunday18th JuneWaldon08:000900-1500
Sunday2nd JulyRashleigh08:000900-1500Waggler only
Sunday30th JulyBilbery08:000900-1500
Sunday6th AugustWaldon08:000900-1500Waggler only
Sunday20th AugustRashleigh08:000900-1500
Sunday3rd SeptemberWaldon08:000900-1500Fleetwood
Sunday10th SeptemberBilberry08:000900-1500Dave Hayes Memorial
Sunday24th SeptemberRashleigh08:000900-1500
Sunday8th OctoberWaldon08:000900-1500
Sunday22nd OctoberRashleigh08:000900-1500Waggler only
Sunday5th NovemberWaldon08:000900-1500Feeder only
Sunday3rd DecemberWaldon08:000900-1500
Sunday10th DecemberWaldonRashleigh08:000900-1500Xmas Fayre Challenge Cup
Evening League202310 from 11 to count
Wednesday24th MayWaldon17:0018:00-21:00
Wednesday31st MayRashleigh17:0018:00-21:00
Wednesday7th JuneWaldon17:0018:00-21:00
Wednesday14th JuneRashleigh17:0018:00-21:00
Wednesday21st JuneWaldon17:0018:00-21:00
Wednesday28th JuneRashleigh17:0018:00-21:00
Wednesday5th JulyWaldon17:0018:00-21:00
Wednesday12th JulyRashleigh17:0018:00-21:00
Wednesday19th JulyWaldon17:0018:00-21:00
Wednesday26th JulyRashleigh17:0018:00-21:00
Wednesday2nd AugustWaldon17:0018:00-21:00
Winter League2023/247 from 8 to count
Sunday12th NovemberWaldonRashleigh08:0009:30-14:30
Sunday17th DecemberWaldonRashleigh08:0009:30-14:30
Sunday7th JanuaryWaldonRashleigh08:0009:30-14:30
Sunday21st JanuaryWaldonRashleigh08:0009:30-14:30
Sunday4th FebruaryWaldonRashleigh08:0009:30-14:30
Sunday18th FebruaryWaldonRashleigh08:0009:30-14:30
Sunday3rd MarchWaldonRashleigh08:0009:30-14:30
Sunday17th MarchWaldonRashleigh08:0009:30-14:30
Other Matches
Sunday16th JulyWaldonRashleigh08:0009:00-15:00Pairs competition